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Bespoke and Standard Size Cardboard Boxes

As well as being one of the foremost printing and packaging manufacturers in the UK, well known for creating beautiful, personalised, print products we also provide a full and comprehensive range of plain boxes.

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    We cut, fold and build boxes in-house and can create a fully customised box from a full range of materials including corrugated cardboard, folding boxboard, solid board and plastic.

    Typically our material choices are environmentally friendlier than many alternatives and they are recyclable too. When assembled our boxes are always sturdy and durable. They offer excellent value for money and we can quickly manufacture large or small volume orders.

    Our team have a wealth of experience and can help guide you toward the most cost effective solution. We have a great understanding of the strength and load bearing ability of each of our material options and can provide advice that could even save you money.

    Please get in touch and give us an idea of your needs so we can swiftly provide a quotation - 01440 788866.

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Plain Box

Regular Box 0201

Plain - Brown - White


Postal Wrap

Plain - Brown - White


Archive Box

Plain - White - Brown


Single Archive Box

Plain - Brown - White


Pet Carry Case

Plain - White - Brown


Pet Carry Case

Plain - white - Brown


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