Environmental Packaging

The impact of packaging on environment is a serious concern today. By recycling waste packaging, the environmental impact can be reduced by a considerable extent. Businesses like us are using ways to lessen the impact of our various business practices on the environment and creating various “environmentally responsible” and “eco-friendly” products. We, at Greenfield Creations, are recycling the packaging waste in the proper way to save the environment. From cardboard to paper waste and ink to plastic waste, all items are recycled. We take various measures to operate in an environmentally responsible way, reducing the negative effects of packaging waste on the environment.

Our environmental commitment is to continually try to reduce our impact on the environmental by:

  • Recycling our manufacturing waste
  • Ensuring all our cardboard and paper waste is recovered and recycled appropriately and recycled paper products are used
  • Selecting eco-friendly packaging or biodegradable packaging solutions, designed to reduce environmental impact
  • Choosing corrugated and paper based products that are recyclable and compostable
  • Disposing of our ink waste responsibly
  • Recycling our plastic waste including plastic storage boxes with lids, pallet strapping and shrink wrap

We are also being environmentally responsible and ensuring continued reduction in our carbon footprint by:

  • Continually investing in new energy saving technologyI
  • mproving operational efficiency through appropriate investment in both machinery and personnel
  • Purchasing all our materials in the UK and manufacturing all our products in-house
  • Manufacturing recyclable and biodegradable products using recycled materials
  • Producing flat packable merchandising units that have a dual purpose (shipping and display)

Greenfield Creations are committed to continually reviewing and improving our environmental performance.