Quality turkey boxes
Wednesday, 2nd September 2015

Quality Turkeys Deserve Quality Boxes – Turkey Boxes from Greenfield Creations

Preparation for the festive season has already begun. Christmas cards are in the shops, the weather is turning autumnal and so it really is time to start preparing for the inevitable December madness well in advance.

Greenfield Printing can help you to improve the quality and appearance of your turkey boxes. Available as a large 12KG box (internal dimensions 390mm x 260mm x 187mm) and a smaller 7KG box (internal dimensions 342mm x 208mm x 179mm), our strong and durable boxes are made from FE 185KG 175KW corrugated cardboard. Both sizes are available as auto assemble and manual assemble products.

To avoid us running around like headless turkeys, we too are trying to get ahead of the rush and schedule orders well in advance of the winter months. Any orders placed now can be scheduled for a delivery date/s of your choice and invoiced at that time too.

To help your turkeys stand out from the rafter, we can provide bespoke design and printing services in one colour, two colour or full colour print. Contact our team to find out more.

Greenfield Creations has been providing printing services to companies across the UK for many years. Our skilled and experienced team can produce excellent printed goods, as well as offering assistance with design and copy, ensuring you get the best possible look and finish.

Don’t find yourself running around like a headless turkey this Christmas – get organised and get ordering!

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