Custom display unites
Monday, 21st September 2015

Custom Display Units that can’t be missed

No matter what your product and no matter where you’re trying to sell it, you can boost your sales and make sure that your brand can’t be missed with the help of custom display units from Greenfield Printing.

Our colourful, high quality custom display units showcase any items in the best possible way. With designs that help you stand out from the crowd, why not find out what a difference our display boxes can make to your sales figures? Point of sale (POS) and counter display units undoubtedly encourage people to make one last purchase – bespoke display units can be really effective.

As well as looking great and enhancing your brand identity, custom display units will ensure that your products are easily identifiable and accessible. With tough competition across nearly every retail sector, it makes perfect sense to highlight the benefits of your products versus the alternatives. Available in a huge variety of styles and sizes, we can work with your business to design the perfect display unit for your product/s.

With the Christmas period nearly upon us, now really is the time to start preparing your retail strategy to ensure you don’t waste a single opportunity. Whether you prefer to simply promote your brand, or go for something festive, we can help. Aim to exceed previous Q4 sales figures by guaranteeing Christmas shoppers can’t miss your product range.

Be ahead of the game ready for the January sales too. When retail stores are packed with shoppers and shelves are in a mess, display units will allow your goods stand out and still look great amongst the chaos.

Cleverly designed, well-branded and positioned display units really can have an impact on consumer behaviour and decision making. If you had to choose between two similar products, would you hunt for the one hidden on the shelf, or grab the one in the display unit that can’t be missed?

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