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Monday, 21st September 2015

In-store Product Display Marketing – An Effective Tool

If you’ve done all you can to market your business effectively to the outside world, make sure your marketing efforts continue in-store! Don’t overlook the impact that in-store displays can have. Cleverly designed and positioned displays can showcase and present goods to entice your customers to make a purchase.

Often displays are used to market inexpensive goods that people are more likely to purchase on impulse. For example, in a convenience store you may find sweets and chocolates on special offer available in a floor standing display unit (FSDU) near the till point. Or in a fashion store, you often see accessories displayed in bump bins or pallet bins where customers will have to queue to pay for their main purchases.

Point of sale (POS) and point of purchase (POP) can also be used to draw attention to expensive, premium goods too. If you have a particular product or range that you would like to stand out from the other items in your store, then striking display stands can achieve this.

A good product display solution will be eye-catching and clearly communicate the brand, message and offer you wish to promote. It is important to consider the size and usage of a stand or unit. If you require a display for a one-off special offer, then it makes sense to opt for a cost-effective solution. However, if your unit is to be used repeatedly then you may wish to consider a stronger material. You should also consider the weight and value of the products you will be displaying when selecting a suitable design.

Display units and dump bins really can have a dramatic increase on your overall sales revenue. If the majority of the customers that enter your store all spend a few extra pounds then over the course of a week, we’re confident you’ll be impressed with the results.

At Greenfield Printing we have been designing and creating effective merchandise displays for our clients, located all over the UK, for over 20 years. We are sure that we can produce exactly what you need too. Contact us today to find out more…

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