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Tuesday, 23rd May 2017

Don’t just bottle it…

The microbrewery and brewpub industry is on the rise, with many beer lovers enjoying access to such a diverse range of quality beers. Here at Greenfield Printing, we’re rather fond of a visit to our local brewpub too and it was whilst chatting over an exceptionally great pint of beer, with an exceptionally strange name, that we identified that something was missing….

We were surrounded by great ales, in a great environment, all bottled to look the part, but that’s where it ended… Where were the boxed beers to take away? Where were the mixed selection boxes designed to tempt us? Where was the point of sale display showcasing these great ales? Why were these great bottles hidden away in plain brown cardboard boxes? These were all questions we discussed whilst still sipping our stout.

So, we went away and brewed up a little plan of our own… We devised a range of packaging and point of sale products specifically for the microbrewery industry, tailored to brewer’s merchandise and needs. We then contacted several local microbreweries including Bishop Nick in Braintree and the Red Fox Brewery in Coggeshall. We demonstrated our bespoke brewery range, using example branding and design, and it’s safe to say that they were impressed.

Both breweries are now taking regular products from us to increase their sales and branding exposure. Both brewers have received incredibly positive feedback from their customers, highlighting the need for the products we had identified over a very enjoyable pint, or two.

Don’t feel bitter that the competition is already on the case – we’re here to help you too. Just tap into our expertise…

Our expert design team can create boxes, point of sale, selection packs and anything else you need to promote your unique ales. We can design and create any shape and size. Don’t let plain packaging shadow your hard work and flavoursome creations – utilise our bespoke range of microbrewery products to elevate your brewery brand and your product sales.

Contact us today to find out more or to arrange to see some of our products.

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