Tuesday, 6th December 2022

Making a Splash: Launching inSPAration Pool Chemicals into Stores

 We recently helped leading pool chemicals company CPC launch their new range of spa chemicals to market. Their “inSPAration” range builds on their existing range of pool cleaning products with an aromatherapeutic twist. Featuring SpaBombs, crystals and liquids, the range uses natural aromatherapy blends to provide a soothing experience for hot tub owners.

We are always excited to help a company bring a new product to market, and this was no exception. We developed and manufactured a CDU, FSDU and Dumpbin to suit their full range of products. CPC supplied us with their products so that our CAD designers could design a unit bespoke to each type of product. Our team then prototyped the units and performed weight tests to make sure we had created the perfect solution for each product. 

Once we were satisfied that the design was sturdy enough to withstand the products, it was time to manufacture the units. Our team of die cutters and machine operatives got to work to produce each unit. Whilst our team manufacture point of sale units on a daily basis, we all recognise how special it is to be involved in our customers’ product journey. 

Introducing a new product range to the market is always a big deal and we are delighted that CPC trusted us to deliver their vision. 

The point of sale units were integral to the range’s retail launch as they were able to showcase the products in all of their brightly coloured glory and catch the eye of potential customers looking for a therapeutic addition to their hot tub.


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