Friday, 11th November 2022

Not Your Average Counter Top Display

We pride ourselves on being innovative and we love to challenge ourselves to find better processes. Inspiration came in the form of Fetch It whose compostable dog poo bags are taking the lucrative pet product market by storm. 

Fetch It’s needs were simple, they needed to have confidence that their product would be delivered to their retailers in perfect condition. As a necessity for dog owners, poo bags are often mass-produced at huge volumes and so for Fetch It to appeal to consumers looking for quality, the product had to arrive at retailers in perfect condition. 

In addition to this, Fetch It’s product needed to stand out on the shelf to attract discerning dog owners. The UK spends £10 billion per year on their dogs. Globally, the pet care market is predicted to reach $350 billion in the next five years (source: Common Thread Co.) Because of these astonishing numbers, it was absolutely crucial that Fetch It was displayed correctly in their stockists.

We combined these two requirements into one elegant solution – Shelf-Ready Packaging that transforms into an eye-catching Counter Top Display.

In addition to this economical solution, we pushed ourselves to optimise our production process even further for this project. Laminated CDUs such as this one would normally need areas left empty to allow us to glue the edges. We have developed a new cold glue for laminates that allows us to produce CDUs that are laminated all over. By not needing a glue-free area, the production process is streamlined for us and more cost-effective for our client.

We’d like to thank Fetch It for choosing us for this project. We are always happy when we create a great outcome for our clients but when it improves our own processes as well, we consider it a job well done.

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