Tuesday, 25th October 2022

Part of an exciting new story….

Voxblock is a new physical format for audiobooks that puts the story front and centre. Their stories live on physical blocks that can be swapped, shared, and listened to again and again. The blocks, created by Greenfield Creations, are about the size of a cassette tape, each block consist of layers of card and a data connector which allows the content to be played on our screen-free audiobook player. Bright and colourful cover art is then added so that they look every bit as appealing as traditional books when lined up on a child’s bookshelf.

With no screen, no internet connection, and no need for any apps, Voxblock is all about the story, with no distractions. These audiobooks are tactile objects designed to live on your bookshelves, that children can bond with and use autonomously. By being so simple to use, Voxblock encourages children to use them independently and makes an empowering and educational gift

In an age where audiobooks are usually consumed on devices with screens, they are no longer creating the relaxing bedtime story experience that they used to. Voxblock has a bedtime mode which, when enabled, plays the chosen story for 20 minutes before entering standby mode. Additionally, with no screens, children won’t be kept awake by the glow of a device.

In some respects, Voxblock was an unusual project for us because we rarely have the opportunity to manufacture an end product for sale. However, the principle of combining technology with a cardboard product is something that we do best and so it made perfect sense that we supported Voxblock with their product from its inception

We are incredibly proud to have been part of the design, development and launch of a product which will likely encourage children at a young age to experience books and stories in such a wonderful way.

Check out Vox blocks @ www.voxblocks.co.uk


The end product:

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