Wednesday, 9th November 2022

The Humble SRP

The Value of Shelf Ready Packaging

  • Cost-effective – one solution takes your product from the production line to the shelf.
  • Environmentally friendly – fewer materials
  • Protective – your product arrives at stores in great condition

The humble SRP has been around for years. They are an efficient packaging solution that serves two key purposes – protecting your product on its journey from the production line to the shelf and serving as an eye-catching display for your product in stores.

 Our Journey with Paper Engine

Paper Engine approached us requiring an SRP solution. We worked on the design with them and carefully considered what impression the display should give. Once the design was finalised, our development team created a prototype. We knew from the early stages that this SRP was going to be really impactful. 

The SRP is a mainstay in retail activity for brands wanting to communicate with consumers whilst effectively delivering their products to store.  These displays were designed, produced and fulfilled on-site at our new Linton facility.  The Paper Engine team opted for a simple design that used colours really effectively to distinguish Paper Engine’s products from other brands.

We are particularly proud of our involvement with Paper Engine because we saw this project through from the very beginning right through to retail distribution. Once the final product was created from the prototype, we received Paper Engine’s stock of products and prefilled the SRP units. We finally delivered them for retail distribution.

The end result was a bright display that stands out in its category. The packaging produced for Paper Engine is the perfect example to show the impactful effect SRP can have when done well. It’s a packaging solution that doesn’t need to cost the earth or break the bank.

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