POS & Packaging design, sample making and short run production

Our experienced team of experts can engineer the design of any cardboard display or box to ensure that you get a strong, robust design that looks great, but also guarantees the most efficient use of the material.

Pint of Sale Product

Our designers also use the latest Digital Cutting Systems which means once the concept design is complete the designers can send you a virtual interactive PDF of the design before producing a one-off sample for your approval. This same technology is also utilised for trial and short run production, removing the need for expensive initial tooling charges.

We have also partnered this technology with our state of the art direct media digital printing, which means our designers can produce full colour printed samples prior to a full production run, as well as full colour short production trial runs.

We appreciate that each project is different, so please let us know your requirements.

We will work to create an inventive and innovative product that perfectly fits your needs. As well as specialising in bespoke projects we also offer a range of cost effective off the shelf products too.

We love to be inventive and innovative, so please don’t be afraid to challenge us!

As experts in printing we offer high quality printing options for those that would like to add some colour to their boxes or display items.

We enjoy the uniqueness of each project, so please contact our team with an idea of your requirements. Contact the experts here.

Please see our example interactive PDF